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Scanning & Indexing

Embracing The Digital World

No matter the size & scale of the company, maintaining valuable company paper records is a cumbersome & time-consuming task. It doesn’t just demand storage space but also financial investment. Paper records make the data  transfer even more difficult as hard copies are stagnant and have to be moved by hand from one place to another. A lot goes in while maintaining & preserving sensitive business records as the threat of loss or the misuse of the data always looms. Uniquesdata is a leading data entry & processing company in the field for more than a decade. What is troublesome for you is a cakewalk for us. We preserve, organize the data and make it easily retrievable. We offer services such as Professional Scanning Services and Document Indexing Services at the best market rates.

Scan, Index & Store

Scanning and Indexing capture information from paper documents and converts it into digital formats for ease of storage, search, retrieval, and use. We offer remarkable document scanning services by using modern and fast scanners. We can scan any number of pages in both easy and complicated formats. We are well-versed with the family of scanners, namely flatbed,  handheld & overhead. We use them alternatively in keeping with the nature of the document. Scanning software enabled with OCR processes the image files and pull out requisite data. While Indexing software improves text for search by identifying and categorizing documents. Uniquesdata is the market leader in the field by providing cost-effective Scanning and Indexing Services to numerous industries.

Scanning and Indexing Services

  • Accurate Capturing of the data from hard copies using our high-quality document scanners.
  • Armed with a talented, proficient squad and high-tech software,  enhancing the security and duration of your company’s valuable documents.
  • With high-end technology and an efficiently performing team, delivering fast, consistent, accurate, and dependable results at a cost-effective rate.
  • Using barcodes, OCR and indexing of the scanned data, we successfully extract the information from existing databases.

Our Services Will Give These Benefits,

  • No More Storage Issues: Storing hard copies will take up so much office-space while, digital Indexing will only take up the space of a computer.
  • Easy Access: Gone are the days when one has to shuffle to a heap of files. Digital documentation makes the records available within minutes.
  • Efficient Decision Making: A secret behind any profitable business decisions is accurate information. Inability to find that critical piece of the document also delays the decisions. With Document indexing, you can find the data immediately and can take beneficial business decisions.
  • Increased Information Flow: The process of procuring and saving the information gets slower with hard copies and leaves room for errors. Indexing eliminates the chances of mistakes and efficiently accelerates the process.
  • Data Preservation for as Long as You Want: Paper documents last for a certain period and, over time, they demand utmost care. Indexing protects all your data without much hassle.
  • Flexibility: Digital documents are easy to view, share, edit and transfer

Expect This from Us:

  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Comprehensive & Customized Services
  • Advanced Technology
  • Experienced & Skillful Professionals
  • Potential to Manage Massive Work-Amount
  • Strict Adherence to a Quick TAT

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