Scanning & Indexing

A move towards a paperless world

A lot of paperwork is involved in any business concern. The major distress is handling the bundles of papers and stacks of file and each time ransacking the cabinet while trying to search for a record. In the tech-driven world a move towards digitization incorporates a move towards a paperless world! To ensure a high performance, financial firms too have taken a shift from paper driven work environments to paperless atmosphere. The document Scanning & Indexing service helps financial companies immensely to address their business needs as finance as a department in the company have multiple records built up over period of years to be stored and retrieved, if need be.

Scanning & indexing

Document imaging and indexing software is extremely important and perhaps even vital to a modern office as without it scanned images can’t be created and stored in databases. A set of technology frameworks is used to quickly develop an end-to-end management solution.

The service includes a set of features as:

  • Capturing of data
  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • Image upload
  • Downloading
  • Data conversion

The process is streamlined to match the specific requirements of the client and thereby pave way to a paperless world!

Our services can benefit you

Uniquesdata is a trusted name when it comes to outsourcing document Scanning & Indexing Services! Our expert professionals undertake to ensure that your documents once scanned can be found running a simple text search, thereby cutting out the need for tedious task of manual searching through the stacks. We specialize in providing solutions to clients over a range of industries – banking, finance, education, healthcare, medical, legal, manufacturing, retail, transport, logistics, etc.

Our range of services includes:

  • Document Scanning
  • Photo Scanning
  • Book Scanning
  • Indexing

We assure you of quality services, customized solutions at cost effective rates. We house a robust infrastructure in terms of technology and professionals. An assurance is laid before we begin about the privacy of your data. Our long list of clients is proof to our speed, accuracy and quality.

Get rid of the files, we systematically scan, index and store your records for you!

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