Image Data Entry Services

Image Data Entry

Image Data Entry can be a very tiresome task. Quality and cost-effectiveness of the service is what one yearns for. To convert your images to digital format is what we undertake to serve you. Image data entry is the conversion images in the scanned format to any other chosen. We ensure both quality and cost-effective image data entry services. This reduces a lot of paper work to a large extent and allows for ease of storage and retrieval.

However, the process is not without any challenges! The major challenges forth Image Data Entry can be:

  • Time consuming and frustrating
  • The projects for Image data entry can be unclear or distorted
  • Image libraries may not display pictures with poor resolution or misfiled images

Hand over all your concerns to a professional Image Data Entry Service provider and you can be free of all the above worries.

Team with a Professional is the solution!

If you are looking for both quality and cost effectiveness, venturing with a professional Image Data Entry service provider is the only viable solution. The team of experts can handle all your imaging needs – image capturing, resizing, storage, keying, etc. Large volumes of work are handled under expert supervision so that it can be delivered to you flawlessly on schedule without any delays.

Our Services

Uniquesdata provides industry standard image data entry services which include capturing services, storage, keying and retrieval services for images. If you choose to outsource your image data entry services to us, your project would be handled by data entry professionals, committed to producing results at the most affordable rates in the industry. We undertake to perform online and offline data entry, filing, labeling of images in excel sheet or database

We enter, convert, and store data in any formats:

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • BMP – to name a few.

We can even edit your images by our following services:

  • Image Editing
  • Cropping of images
  • Scanning and restoration of images
  • Image Resizing

Our services are a sure guarantee for accuracy and quality. Our team is trained and committed to complete the said project to meet the deadlines. They are well equipped to handle voluminous data as well work under pressure too! We maintain confidentiality of your data and respect privacy. For the same strict checks are undertaken

We are a dedicated and focused team with customer satisfaction as our sole aim, team with us for the best!

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