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File Conversion Services

A Digital Revamp

At some point organization of any scale & kind across the planet have to deal with a massive stack of documents, significant to routine business functions. Usually, the data remains in various file formats and eventually needs to get converted into different formats. Either as an addition to its original form or as a replacement. And rekeying all that data again in another format is cumbersome as well as an arduous task. Crucial business documents caries valuable information within them. Hence, the file conversion has to get done precisely to avoid any data loss or data-errors. Perhaps that’s why outsourcing File Conversion Services would be prudent. Uniquesdata offers a thoughtful amalgamation of manual and technological methods to convert all your files systematically and accurately into the desired format.

Keeping Up with The Revamp

One can think of using a conversion software or converter to switch the files from one format to another. But, most documents need more than just a convert button. At Uniquesdata, we comprehend requirements. And based on that, we incorporate software and manual procedures to ensure satisfying File Conversion Services. We believe in providing conversion of different file formats to any requisite format in a well-defined way. Being conversant with numerous file formats, we own the necessary competence with latest technology to tackle primary to intricate file conversion services. We have a team hand-picked for their experience, proficiency and, more importantly, accuracy. Ensuring consistent quality outputs while strictly adhering to deadlines has been the secret of our success. With cutting edge technology, chosen team, proficiency, field wisdom & an aptitude to work on enormous tasks, we are the most unique in the field.

A Range of File Conversion,

  • Excel to XML
  • HTML to XML
  • PDF to XML
  • HTML Colour Conversion
  • HTML into any other format
  • HTML to PDF
  • HTML to PowerPoint
  • HTML to PSD
  • Text to HTML
  • Word to HTML
  • Video File Conversion (.MPG, .MOV, .AVI)
  • Audio File Conversion (.MP3, .WMV, .WAV)
  • Image File Conversion (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, JPG)

Hire Us & Gain These:

  • Using modern technological solutions, we help you improve your  company’s document management. Thereby keeping you ahead in the competition.
  • When documents are digitized, you no longer have to depend on the hard-copies or physical files. It reduces the paper-usage significantly and cut down on the costs such as paper, printing, storage and mailing, with reduced printer, photocopier maintenance.
  • Along with being familiar with the latest technologies, the team also acknowledges obsolete programs & file formats to convert them into current required formats.
  • Using advanced software, we can carry out the conversion of multiple documents with accuracy. Files in different operating systems can get converted to the desired file formats.

Expect This from Us:

  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Comprehensive & Customized Services
  • Advanced Technology
  • Experienced & Skillful Professionals
  • Potential to Manage Massive Work-Amount
  • Strict Adherence to a Quick TAT

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