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Electronic Data Conversion Services

A Digital Shift

Technological development has made going paperless more convenient than ever, yet many companies still haven’t made the switch. The traditional way of saving & storing all the information in files remains the favoured method of several corporates at the moment. But is it even the right way to save, file or even secure rather delicate business documents? Papers require constant maintenance, failing to do which they get lost, torn & fades with time. Due to that, immediate data retrieval and access become even more difficult. Perhaps that’s why Electronic Data Conversion is the need of the hour today. Converting the hard copies/hand-written documents into their appropriate digital format is how Uniquesdata performs Electronic Data Conversion Services.

Safe and Reliable

After spending a considerable time in the field and carrying in-depth field knowledge, Electronic Data Conversion Services by Uniquesdata doesn’t just scan and digitize the documents. We provide a framework to capture, create, manage, track, use and store documents in multiple formats across the organization. One doesn’t have to worry about storage space to maintain the heap of files as their digital versions are only a click away, making them easier to access. With the latest technological tools and a talented set of technicians, we transform each document into a proper & comprehensive digital format. And at each step, we follow stringent security procedures to ensure that your documents are safe and uploaded with absolute precision. Having served a diversity of fields and clients, we assure you that our electronic data conversion solutions are second to none. Premium-quality services at cost-effective rates remain our promise regardless of the work-volume.

Our Range of Electronic Data Conversion Services,

Automatic Information Capture: We transform paper documents into digital files through scanning as well as OCR. We capture and store digital files from network folders, drives, Microsoft office & other integrated systems.

Classified File Indexing & Categorization: The documents get organized in respective formats into a central database. In this database, documents get automatically organized by department, creation date and other factors.

Combined Search & Retrieval: Through a central database, employees can quickly find files from various folders.

Collaboration Tools: Editing elements such as remarks, stamps, text boxes get added to the sensitive documents that lack it.

Automatic Processes: The documents get appropriately arranged in a central database as per the date & the file type, making it easier for the employees to access them while critical business processes.

Data Security & Confidentiality: As only authorized personnel can access the database, it becomes easier to track precisely how & for which purpose the information got accessed.

Metadata: It tracks creation dates, review and approval statuses, last date of modification and other customizable data fields.

Version Control: It tracks modifications to documents and metadata. This feature ensures that the authenticity of documents isn’t compromised. Log-in & Log-out features ensure information integrity.

Expect This from Us:

  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Comprehensive & Customized Services
  • Advanced Technology
  • Experienced & Skillful Professionals
  • Potential to Manage Massive Work-Amount
  • Strict Adherence to a Quick TAT

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