Digital Transcription Services

The ‘digital’ shift!

Technological advancements are apparent. There has been an extreme shift from traditional methods of working or carrying out business to more technologically advanced means. The move obviously carries along a host of advantages for the user. One such change is from traditional transcription to digital transcription. This advancement has been of utmost advantage in the medical field. For instance, if a doctor was to dictate her notes and get them recorded on a tape, chances are bright that over a period of time the tape would become impaired. The audio quality would become bad hence making it difficult for the other to decipher the notes. In bid of this, transcription from audio tapes could also take a very long time. Instead, a solution that lies ahead is Digital Transcription Services.

The convenience offered

Digital transcription services are simply convenient for the users. This is how it works – notes are dictated into a device and then uploaded from any computer. An encrypted server is used to ensure data confidentiality. This even takes care to ward off unauthorized usage of files. All the data on the website is password protect and each user has limited access. Speed and accuracy are two top line benefits offered to clients who avail of professional digital transcription services.

Team with us!

Digital transcription is becoming the next gen future in transcription services. Uniquesdata offers unbeatable speed and accuracy, hence dependable quality. When notes are being dictated on a tape, there is fear of the tape getting soiled and data being distorted or lost. But with Uniquesdata’s digital transcription services a great deal of information can be stored without the risk of being lost. Digital recording also permits us to execute our job in the best possible manner, as our transcriptions are now accurate and faster than ever. Our services extend to clients from the medical field recording their notes for them to insurance companies by transcribing and recording statements for claims.

We use the best in class technology and methods, team with us for best results!

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