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If you are looking out to outsource your data entry requirements, you are at the right place. Businesses these days turn out spiraling volumes of data. With fast and accurate data entry services, you can save your business a lot of time and get access to organized information speedily and cost effectively.

Delays in processing of data can lead to losses in the business, which can in turn have a negative effect on your company’s reputation. Moreover, once you outsource your data entry needs you save a lot on the storage and maintenance costs. Archiving your data into the digital format makes it more secure and readily accessible.

Data Entry Services offered by us

As you choose to outsource data entry services to Uniquesdata, we provide you data entry in the following realms –


At Uniquesdata, we accept input in various formats – images, microfilms, paper documents, books, etc. The output format is as desired by the client – COBOL, EXCEL, WORD, SGML, HTML, XML.

Uniquesdata – putting your concerns to rest!


Uniquesdata is the pioneering firm offering affordable and reliable outsourcing data entry services. With Uniquesdata as your outsourcing partner, you can be assured of your data security. We follow stringent measures ensuring utmost confidentiality. Our file transfer networks are also protected.


Clients of a global repute often fear about quality as they seek India as their offshore outsourcing partner. But there is no reason for fear with Uniquesdata! We understand that quality is vital. We follow strict quality measures at every level of the process.
We undertake data entry either through manual typing or scanning. In either case, there is no reason to worry.
Our typists are professionals and they perform the task with much efficiency. Our staff is well-versed with medical terminologies so as to handle medical documents with ease.
The data passes through various stages of validation. The processed data is sent for verification to experts. The data which now is 100% accurate is transferred to the client.

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Benefits of outsourcing Data Entry to Uniquesdata

  • Uniquesdata seeks to understand the importance of your data. We understand that proper analysis and comprehension of data is vital for effective decision making for your business. Realizing this aspect, we seek to provide you with better quality of data.
  • Uniquesdata offers professional data entry services ensuring that you reduce your operational costs. The cost of hiring manpower and other infrastructural demands are done away with. This way we help you save on your capital investment and increase your profits.
  • Our sophisticated technology and the process that we follow ensure that we give our clients 99.9% accuracy.
  • Our services are designed to suit your business requirements. We can even tailor make our services according to your business needs.
  • Our personnel can read hand-written or medical documents with ease.
  • We incorporate technologies like OCR, OMR which helps us convert physical documents into digital format with 99% accuracy levels.
  • We help you by creating a database, sorting and indexing the same. This helps you in handling your data efficiently.

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In a fast-paced economy it becomes difficult to keep up with the speed if we are to follow the conventional methods. Data processing delays are the main reason for customer attrition rates increasing and hence having a negative impact on your business performance. Uniquesdata provides the best alternative – outsource data entry India. We help you keep pace with the competitive world.

Helping you meet all your business end-to-end solutions – one name you can trust – Uniquesdata!

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