Catalog Data Conversion Services

The raging issue

What is catalog conversion? Changing print media catalogs to electronic medium for online publishing is catalog conversion. Sounds simple? But it isn’t so! There are many issues with respect to effective transformation of physical catalogs to electronic ones.

  • 1. Catalogs are medium to attract customers. They should be flawless.
  • 2. This is the medium for online stores / ecommerce companies to spread their product online on a web market.
  • 3. Research on the products is conducted by experts. Hence, information needs to be 100% accurate and true.
  • 4. There should be immense visual appeal that would attract the potential buyers.

All of the above would definitely require the services of a professional. If a company was going to invest in catalog conversion, it would turn out to be an expensive affair. Investment would be for infrastructure, manpower, time and most vital, the attention would shift from core business activities.

The way out

Professional Catalog conversion services enable you to mark your own improvement in the market. With internet catalogs, you may accomplish probable customers whenever you want. Catalogues help customers choose items from anywhere when they are displayed on the web. When teaming with a professional service, it ensures that your catalogs are up to date with the products placed in the right category, sub heads and make images for your products thus your products look aesthetically appealing.

Endeavor with us!

Uniquesdata, a pioneer in software solutions provider, caters the following requirements under customized catalog conversion:

  • Word Processing and document warehousing
  • Capturing images
  • Updating product details in the catalog
  • Deleting old products, introducing new ones
  • Conversion of any digital format into text and symbols
  • Price revision
  • OMR Optical Mark Recognition
  • OCR Optical Character Recognition scanning
  • ICR Intelligent Character Recognition

The process

At Uniquesdata, Catalog Conversion follows a streamlined process:

  • Receive paper catalogs from clients
  • Analysis and documentation
  • Designing of online [web based] catalog
  • Designing of user interface
  • Editing / enhancing images
  • Quality Check

The catalogs are updated on regular basis or as per specifications as received from the client. Our team is expert at processing diverse catalog requirements to perfection. We provide the best and cost effective solutions.

Take a step to put your business on the road front of cut throat competition on web market! Team with us!

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